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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Play Ball!

With opening day last week, I tried to spice up my after-school tutoring with a little baseball fun! We have been reviewing double digit addition with regrouping for a couple of weeks. The students are moving away from the base ten blocks towards the standard algorithm. I am really pleased with the progress they have been making! 

I have been using games to help make the addition practice a little bit more fun and meaningful. The latest game we played was baseball themed. It was a big hit!

Students play in teams. They are given a double digit addition problem to solve. Students must solve the problem correctly in order to move a base on the baseball diamond. You can give students points for each base or stay true to baseball and score only homeruns. My students were not familiar with the scoring in baseball, so I just gave them a point for each base.

Students had a score sheet to record their points on. They also had a hundreds chart to help check each other's work. We had a great time practicing trading! (If you would like a copy of the game, you can buy one at my TPT store!)

Some other activities we have been doing to keep double digit addition fresh and fun are...
1. Roll-a-Problem!
Students take turns rolling dice to create double digit addition problems.

2. Relay Race
In teams, students use dry erase boards to race to solve double digit addition problems with regrouping.

How do you keep things fun and interesting when you are reviewing the same skill repeatedly?

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  1. I am working on that with one of my newcomers! I will have to check out that game!



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