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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Can you believe that it is already March? February was a crazy month! Since it is so short, it always ends up jam-packed. I am definitely ready for March. I feel like warm weather is just around the corner, and so is spring break!

Since it is the beginning of March, I am linking up with the lovely Farley for her March Currently linky. I love this linky party because you get to meet so many wonderful teacher bloggers. So here goes!

Today is a special day. I am having delicious pancakes for breakfast! This is a rare occurrence, but we just got this special griddle and we had to try it out. What a great way to start a Saturday!

For once, I do not have anywhere or anything that I need to do. Sure there are things that I should do, but it is nice to know that I can take my time with them. 

I am enjoying the luxury of deciding what to do today. There are so many possibilities! I will probably start by going for a run, maybe work on some blog posts, and then hopefully squeeze in some time to work on some TPT products. Then the evening will be all mine. This yucky Ohio weather is not making we want to go outside at all today. 

This week I had a job interview for a classroom job. I love being an intervention teacher, but I am certified PK-5.  I do not have any special intervention or reading specialist endorsements and always saw myself in the gen ed classroom. With this job market though, I knew I had to take what I could get, and work my way in. I think the interview went well, but you can never really be sure. I have to wait a whole two weeks to find out. I hope my nerves last that long!

I am very tired of cold weather. I need spring! I have a feeling that I will still be waiting for quite awhile. Although, you never can tell with Ohio weather. We had sixty degree days in January this year! (I suppose I would not mind at least one more snow day....)

Like, Love, Hate:
Well, this was a little tricky. My first name is Amy, and I may have googled words that start with "a," maybe. This might be stretching it, but I really like clothes, so I went with apparel. I am ready for a spring shopping spree. I love art, especially of the dance variety. I have danced most of my life and lead an afterschool ballet club. I hate arrogance. I just can't stand people who walk around and think they are the greatest thing to walk this planet. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. I would love to learn more about you!


  1. I hope you hear good news about your job interview. Waiting is the hardest. I agree, A names were a bit tricky!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. Good luck with the interview! Confession: I may have Googled words that started with J for my Currently... :)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. Fingers crossed for your job!! And I'm with you- I hate arrogance... :(
    ideas by jivey

  4. My name starts with an A, too. I cheated. Apple products. a-ha (what can I say, child of the 80s), and anchovies. Which I've never actually tried but am sure I would not like anyway.
    I live in TX. It's super pretty outside today but ... STUPID POLLEN MAKES ME SNEEZE. Of course I went to college in the Rockies and the cold made my eyes water and nose run there, too. So ... enjoy what you can, right? And oh. A SNOW DAY. What would that be like. ;)
    Good luck with the job!

  5. I hate arrogance also.
    Good luck with your job search.

  6. PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!! Oh I would love those! I've been on a diet since January. UGH. Enjoy :)

  7. Enjoy your day! A day with no have-to's sounds amazing! I hope you hear back on your interview sooner than expected, waiting is the worst!

    Teaching In Oz

  8. Oh boy fingers crossed that you got the job! **Sprinkling job dust** And new kitchen appliances are always fun!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  9. Good luck with the job news! I know waiting for that phone to ring is very stressful. I used Google to help me too-this one made you think! :)



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