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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My First Guest Blog Post!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today is a very special day for me. My first guest blog post ever is being published at Looking From Third to Fourth. I am so excited and so grateful to AMC for offering to share her blog with me for the day. I would love for you all to come over and check it out!

Looking From Third to Fourth

Speaking of things that I love...I would also really love for you to signup for my newsletter. Just click on this link:

Now you might be wondering how I managed to arrange a guest blogging opportunity or how I knew to start a newsletter. The answers to those questions would be Teaching Blog Traffic School. To be quite honest, there were many details about blogging that I did not know. Not only are there legal guidelines, but there are so many untapped opportunities out there waiting for new bloggers.

Through Teaching Blog Traffic School, Charity Preston shows you step-by-step the latest tips and secrets to developing and promoting your blog. Through videos, chats, forums, and the Teaching Blog Traffic School Facebook fan page, she explains the technical details of physically creating your blog, as well as important information about social networking.

While the information is extremely valuable, the great community provided along with the program is truly invaluable. It is through that network that I arranged today's guest blog opportunity! You are able to interact with other bloggers and learn and grow from one another. I would highly recommend you sign up for Teaching Blog Traffic School. If nothing else, at least check it out! 

Teaching Blog Traffic School


  1. I have considered doing Traffic School, but think I might need to wait til summer... I'm already addicted enough!!!
    ideas by jivey

  2. That is probably a smart idea. It is reallyyyy addictive.

  3. I have just started TBTS and I am learning so much. (I have finished lesson 7 on to lesson 8.) I noticed you were able to get the RSS feed with the cute buttons at the top of your blog. I can't get it to work on mine. I have a blogger blog and it keeps telling me I need a feed burner URL. When I go to the feedburner place it says my file is too large???? Any ideas?
    Kindergarten Boom Boom
    P/S Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am your newest follower. :0)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! What website did you use to get your buttons? I used "Add This." ( Is that the same one you used?

  4. I didn't I must have missed that step......back to the video I go. I'll check out the site you mentioned! Thanks! Cara

  5. Hi Amy! I was enjoying your close reading post when I noticed you had just commented on my giveaway post! Lol! I love the way you went about the close read; I've been doing it differently, but your method sounds great.
    I also just started TBTS; I'm trying to find time for video 2!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Look at you rocking through the homework for TBTS!!Love your signature by the way!

    Mrs. D


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