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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fact and Opinion

This week I taught a really fun lesson on fact and opinion with my third graders. They really got into it, and we had some fantastic debates! I loved hearing all their unique opinions.

To start, I created an anchor chart to introduce the terms fact and opinion. This chart included definitions for each word, as well as some keywords to look for when identifying facts and opinions in texts. It is important to remind students that keywords are helpful, but you always need to consider the context of the article or story. Nothing ever works 100% of the time. You still have to use your own brain!

Students then glued a copy of the anchor chart into their reader's notebooks. They continued to reference the  chart throughout the lesson. (Seeing them do that independently is one of my absolute favorite things!)

Then, we began our first hot topic: Should chocolate milk be served in schools? Before we even started reading any articles, I asked students their opinions. It was interesting to hear what they thought. Many of them thought chocolate milk had too much sugar, but they were torn because they said it was delicious. (We eventually came to the conclusion that most things are fine in moderation.)

We began with the nonfiction article Is Chocolate Milk Junk Food? (Click for a copy if you have an ebsco host login!) After students had read the article, we started a T-chart in our reader's notebooks. Together we identified facts and opinions in the article.

We then read the article Should Schools Stop Selling Chocolate Milk? (Click for a copy if you have an ebsco host login!) Then, we continued adding to our T-chart.

We completed the same process for two articles on soda: Sugar Overload and Ban Soda From Schools? (Click for a copy if you have an ebsco host login!) Students also completed a fact and opinion T-chart for the articles. 

Then, as a final assessment, students answered the following question in their reader's notebooks: Should schools stop selling soda? Use two facts to support your opinion. 

Now I know teachers are very busy, and not everyone has an ebsco host login, so if you would like to purchase a version of this lesson, you can find it by clicking below. 

What do you think? Should schools serve soda and chocolate milk? :)


  1. This is a great post. I teach fact and opinion in a few weeks, so I pinned this for later reference. I hope others see it too.

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you sharing it!

  2. I am teaching Fact and Opinion soon too! Pinning! Great job, Amy! I think you're a great teacher. Question- how long did this lesson take? I feel like it would take me a whole week- we are slowwww readers.

    1. Thank you so much! That is really nice of you to say. This lesson took us the entire week. I see my third graders for thirty minutes each day, so it took us 5 thirty minute sessions to get through the entire lesson.

  3. Do you know how I can get access to those articles if I don't have a login with ebsco? It sounds like a great high-interest topic. Thanks for sharking

    1. Most public libraries have an ebsco subscription. You can probably check your local library's website for information. Also, you can sign up for a trial account and at least get the articles. If all else fails, I compiled all the materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. Let me know if you need more information!


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